Using a simple overall star rating, the Home Quality Mark will give householders a clear picture of a home's quality. 

In addition, indicators that demonstrate the home's running costs, how it will protect occupants' health and wellbeing, and its environmental footprint, will help everyone to fully understand its long term quality and performance. The overall star rating and three indicator ratings will be presented as a 'scorecard', an example of which is give below.

Overtime, further indicators will be available, such as resilience to climate change, connectivity, Section 7 for Scotland, and more.

Home Quality Mark 4 Star Home

An Excellent new home.  Achieving this Mark means that the home is designed and built to have very low running costs, many positive impacts upon your health and wellbeing, all with an extremely low impact  upon our environment.

My Cost

  • Very low energy bills
  • Low mortgage & insurance
  • Reduced maintenance

My Wellbeing

  • Lots of natural light
  • Good air quality
  • Access to amenities

My Footprint

  • Low CO2
  • Planet friendly materials
  • In tune with nature

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