HQM ONE is live!

Building more high-quality new homes that fit our current and future needs is a national priority. BRE has developed the Home Quality Mark (HQM) to provide developers with the tools and framework to differentiate, prove and communicate their homes. This gives the consumer, clients, financiers and the wider sector the information and reassurance about the homes they live, finance, procure, plan or own. It provides a solution to a number of the major challenges in housebuilding today.

We are delighted to announce that the HQM ONE technical manuals for new homes are now available for England, Scotland and Wales below:

Manual covering all of Great Britain:


HQM ONE builds on the beta version of the scheme, which we have operated since early 2016. We have received significant amounts of feedback in a variety of forms from many different people and organisations, all of which should feel proud to have had a hand in its evolution. We are very grateful.

We also provide 3 scenarios as Illustrative examples to show how the HQM credits are applied.

What is new about HQM ONE?

Key areas of difference to the beta version of the scheme include; an amended scoring / star rating system, a strengthening of the scheme’s quality baseline (in terms of design and construction quality), introduction of updated science to keep it in line with other BREEAM schemes, updates in response to feedback from the beta scheme and adaptions to make the scheme useable for developments in Wales and Scotland.

HQM remains a flexible standard, suitable for all types of new homes including: private sale, all types of rental, low rise, high rise, urban, rural, traditional construction, modern methods / offsite, built by large or small developers and everything in between.

This HQM ONE: External Feedback and Outcomes document illustrates the HQM journey so far, the HQM ONE consultation responses we received and the outcomes of these:

HQM ONE registrations are open

The supporting tools required to complete an HQM ONE assessment are now available from BREEAM Projects

You can find a licensed HQM assessor to help you with HQM ONE certification.

Can Beta projects transfer to HQM ONE?

Yes – assessors can change an existing HQM beta registration to HQM ONE for free by contacting [email protected] for the attention of the Registration team.

However, registrations already submitted and/or certified under HQM Beta 2015 cannot be moved forward to HQM ONE. Once the registration has changed version it will not be possible to change it back to HQM Beta 2015. If you have any further queries regarding transitional arrangements, please contact [email protected].

The summary of changes document supports the technical transition from HQM beta to HQM ONE.

What’s next for HQM?

During the rest of 2019, we will be launching updated assessor training, releasing case studies of developments that have achieved certification and we will be providing more clarity on the costs of achieving the Home Quality Mark.

Be an HQM ambassador

We have had a lot of interest from various stakeholders who want to continue being positive ambassadors for HQM. If you would like any marketing literature, please get in contact either through twitter https://twitter.com/homeqm or our LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/company/homequalitymark/

Still working to Beta?

If you need to access the Beta standard, you can do so.