Building a Home Quality Mark Home

Considering building to the Home Quality Mark standards? This page is dedicated to helping developers, members of industry and housing landlords discover more about HQM and why to use it.

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HQM ONE Technical Standard

HQM ONE is live!

We are delighted to announce that the HQM ONE technical manuals for new homes are now available for England, Scotland and Wales

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HQM One is now Live!

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Find a Licensed Assessor

Explore the full list of Assessors for the HQM scheme via BREEAM.

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Local Planning and the HQM

Good planning can help to deliver new homes and communities which can positively impact those who live in them, the local area and our natural environment. HQM as well as other BREEAM schemes offer scientifically underpinned, sustainability assessment frameworks through which planners (and others) can communicate and drive forward better development outcomes. Resource packs are available on the BREEAM website, each pack considers how the HQM and other schemes compare to existing planning policy frameworks. They aim to highlight how the scheme can be applied to drive standards in a local authority.

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Tools for a HQM Assessment

BREEAM Projects is a tool which can be used by Clients and Assessors for planning and managing your portfolio of projects under the family of BREEAM schemes, including HQM.

HQM Beta Standard

You can access the beta version of the manual here

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