Public consultation is now closed (16th of Feb, 2018)

Since the launch of Beta we have engaged with many different HQM stakeholders, including developers, assessors, consultancies designers, consumer groups, representative industry bodies, manufacturers, academics, regulators, planners, agents and various parts of the financial sector. Most have been supportive in the aims of Home Quality Mark, with firm commitments from many via project registrations, recognition, awards and integration. To read about this development and uptake please visit

The HQM ONE Consultation comes at a time when there is an increased focus on quality for new build homes, most recently the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety by Dame Judith Hackitt. The development of the Home Quality Mark scheme supports the culture change required in taking greater responsibility for the performance of homes that are built. HQM certification provides a mechanism that recognises those developers who are already taking responsibility with regards to quality and encourages others to enhance their service. HQM will continue to evolve to take account of changes that the Government decides to progress as a result of this Independent Review or parallel work.

As well as engaging directly with HQM stakeholders, our press activities have reached a circulation of over 500 million people, helping to ensure that consumers recognise Home Quality Mark. Further information can be found on our Media page.

This engagement forms the basis for the next version; Home Quality Mark ONE.

How we’re listening and next steps

During our public consultation we hosted workshops both in person and online, and an online survey, to go through our technical proposals for HQM ONE. This built on the invaluable feedback we have learned from the beta version since its live release, in December 2015. We are now busy going through all the feedback we received to help shape the final version of HQM ONE, and will post more on this soon. Keep an eye on our twitter @homeqm and LinkedIn page for the most up to date info.

You can find out all you need to know about our proposals for HQM ONE, below (NOTE: subject to change as part of addressing feedback received for the final version):