HQM ONE consultation follow-up

(closed 19th April 2018)

We have created a *revised* HQM ONE scoring proposal in response to HQM ONE consultation feedback (further details below). We are looking for feedback on this proposal. Get involved by completing our short survey, and ‘Scenario Tester’!

We are asking for help in two ways:

  1. Answer a short survey (10 questions, about 5 minutes)
  2. Complete our simple ‘Scenario Tester’ – This allows you to enter credit scores for a scenario into the HQM ONE scheme, to see how this translates to star ratings and indicator scores under the *revised* HQM ONE scoring proposal.

We would very much welcome feedback via both these routes but if you only have time to do one, please answer the short survey to give your feedback.

Considering the response received so far we have extended the close date by a week. This follow-up consultation has now closed.

Further details

We received some invaluable feedback from the HQM ONE formal consultation and more widely during the development of the scheme. Thank you to all of those that took part. Your feedback is essential to the development of the scheme to make sure it works for consumers and all other HQM stakeholders. We are currently busy working through all the feedback we have received.

Responses in relation to the HQM star ratings suggested that we should carry out a consultation follow-up on this topic.

The following key points through the HQM ONE consultation:

  • As an overall rating, stars were the clearest way of communicating the qualities of a home to consumers.
  • Starting the scoring at 3 stars ensured that all scoring was seen positively by consumers, but others were concerned it was confusing and potentially misleading them.
  • Responses broadly liked the flexibility half stars could give but felt the gap between the scores required between the half star ratings was too large.

It was clear that we needed to look at adapting the scoring to embrace what was good about our original HQM ONE consultation proposal, whilst ensuring clarity to consumers.

After a lengthy review process, we have created a *revised* HQM ONE scoring proposal that;

  • has a star rating system between 1 and 5 stars (holding 3 star at the same score as the HQM ONE consultation)
  • goes up in increments of half stars
  • has new, early entry points for certification
  • has reduced percentage benchmark increases up to 4.5 star

If you would like more detail on the feedback received and how the *revised* HQM ONE scoring proposal has been developed, please see the summary document below.

Download summary document

If you have any questions about this please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

The HQM team will be managing and offering support to assessors and developers in relation to transitional arrangements from HQM beta to HQM ONE. Further information will be provided shortly, however if you have any particular concerns, please contact us.