Our Surroundings

Unlike anything else we buy or rent, our homes are not moveable. They are intrinsically related to, and influenced by, their surroundings.

This section rewards homes built to work with their surroundings, and with what these may become through changes in population and climate, to maximise benefits and minimise impacts now and into the future.

Site Context

Site Survey

It is important that where a home is built is carefully considered , understanding the opportunities and constraints that will affect the way your home meets your needs now and in the future. HQM will primarily focus on making sure there is an awareness of:

  • The condition of land, including contamination, flood risk, security, privacy and nuisance
  • Infrastructure including water and electrical supplies
  • Drainage and sewage arrangements

Design & Character

The look and feel of your home is an important factor when you’re looking for a new home. A new home should also complement the existing area, taking into account local character whilst creating an attractive design that adds to the overall quality and character of the area. HQM will give recognition for:

  • Engaging with the community and other local bodies through consultation and discussion around design decisions
  • Rewarding homes that fit in with the local character and for larger developments create public spaces associated with your home.

Building Footprint and Layout

The design and layout of your home should meet your space needs whilst efficiently using the space available. This can be achieved through the efficient use of your home’s footprint and orientation and the careful arrangement of buildings within a plot or in a community. HQM will encourage this by:

  • Rewarding the efficient use of a home’s footprint, maximising quality external space for occupants without compromising internal space.

Service Provisions

In order to meet the demands of modern life, your home should have sufficient access to digital infrastructure, allowing you to work from home and reduce your travel burden and provide a basis to support the changing demands of everyday life. We want to ensure that you have:

  • Access to secure and fast internet supplies
  • Access to support and enable efficient and easy maintenance of key utilities

Movement & Connectivity

Transport Provision

It is important to be able to move around your local area safely and efficiently and the provision of a range of forms of transport is a important for any home owner. The balance of access to bus and rail services, alongside the provision of cycling facilities and the provision of adequate parking for your home, will ensure a range of options that are sustainable for your community and location. HQM will encourage the provision of these facilities by:

  • Rewarding the accessibility of good public transport connections
  • Encouraging the provision of adequate and safe cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • Encourage the provision of car parking /electric charging and or sharing facilities appropriate to the location and local community.
  • Ensuring practical and up to date transport information is available to home owners

Local Amenities

A critical factor for many when looking to purchase a new home is the surrounding area and whether it fits your lifestyle both now and in the future. This ranges from the accessibility of local retail centres and to distance to the local schools, leisure facilities and open spaces. It reduces your need to travel and can help to promote a stronger local community and a sense of place. HQM will reward homes that are located near or are developed alongside:

  • Basic services such as retail and banking
  • Local parks and places of leisure
  • Healthcare and education facilities