Good knowledge and understanding is only effective when it is able to influence the decisions and behaviour of those who occupy and manage the home.

This section rewards good processes and solutions which reduce the gap between the designer, constructor, client and householder. This ensures that the so-called performance gap is minimised and the home is truly capable of “doing what it says on the tin”.

Concept and Detailed Design, Construction

Key communication and verification

The delivery of high quality homes requires efficient and effective communications between those involved in its procurement to ensure that your home is built and performs as designed. We will recognise building contractors that:

  • Undertake effective project management from the start of the process
  • Verify key stages/activities such as product commissioning
  • Facilitate engagement between the design team and building constructors

Skills & Training

To ensure our homes are built to the highest quality, it is important that building constructors and their workforce have an good understanding of the design decisions and measures we want to see in each and every home. They also need to understand the risks that can occur through site errors and changes. To support building constructors the HQM will encourage:

  • Training provision for all site operatives
  • Regular progress and milestone throughout the construction process

Construction Processes

To improve the efficiency of constructing homes it is important to consider the energy and waste associated with the building process. Improving this will allow us to build more homes, more cheaply and to a higher standard. The HQM will encourage measures and practices that help improve efficiency such as:

  • Monitoring and reducing the energy and water usage in the construction process
  • Effectively managing and reusing waste materials

Handover and close out


We all expect any new home to be fully functional and to meet our quality expectations from the moment we move in. An important part of ensuring that this is the case is the robust checking and commissioning of all systems within your home. To ensure appropriate commissioning is undertaken the HQM will recognise where:

  • A commissioning strategy is in place to ensure all systems are fully operational ahead of completion
  • Testing is undertaken to ensure all services and controls are capable of functioning fully throughout the year, particularly in winter and summer time conditions

Householder support

It is important that any householder is familiar with how their home works, what its capabilities are and has an understanding of the surrounding community. Any new home builder should provide the necessary support to meet these expectations from the moment you move in and for the longer term. To support you in your new home the HQM will outline means of sharing relevant information, including:

  • Intuitive ways to provide information on how your home operates.
  • Supporting services from the developer, promoting an interactive service that gives you a practical understanding and support in the operation of your home

Monitoring, Sensors and Controls

The ability to understand how your home is performing is a valuable tool to empower householders in keeping down costs and maximising comfort. Providing accessible tools can help to reduce operational and maintenance costs in your home. The HQM will outline measures and systems for your home, including:

  • Accessible monitoring and control systems that provide you with information on the performance of systems in your home
  • Systems that outline short term and long term maintenance requirements