The Ratings

An example is provided of the HQM ‘scorecard’ that a home will receive – showing the overall rating and the ratings for each of the three householder indicators.

Over time, further indicators will be developed from different perspectives, including those of developers, financial institutions, landlords and local authorities, and we encourage industry partners to become involved in their development.

What is measured?

The wide range of issues that are measured are divided into three sections:

These sections are organised into assessment issues. For each issue, credits are awarded where the homes perform well. To achieve HQM certification, homes must meet minimum requirements so that a consistent level of quality is met.

Our Surroundings

Unlike anything else we buy or rent, our homes are not moveable. They are intrinsically related to, and influenced by, their surroundings.

This section rewards homes built to work with their surroundings, and with what these may become through changes in population and climate, to maximise benefits and minimise impacts now and into the future.

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My Home

Better designed and better built homes can last many generations.

This section rewards homes that are built to ensure they provide spaces that are healthy to live in but also don’t cost the earth.

“My Home” sets specific performance outcomes for your home whilst allowing a degree of flexibility in the means of determining this. Wherever possible commonly used assessment methodologies will be used based on simple calculations to avoid additional costs.

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Good features are only effective when they are delivered in practice to high quality standards.

This section rewards high quality assurance measure throughout the project during design, construction, handover and into in-use.  This minimises the so-called performance gap and the home is truly capable of “doing what it says on the tin”.

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HQM Resources

For more information about the HQM standard, the assessment process and the value HQM can bring to your development visit the resources section.