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Considering building to the Home Quality Mark standards? This page is dedicated to helping developers, members of industry and housing landlords discover more about HQM and why to use it.

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A measure that your customers can trust

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) provides housing developers with the tools they need to convince customers of the quality and added benefits of their new homes – such as being likely to need less maintenance, being cheaper to run, better located, and more able to cope with the demands of a changing climate.

Many house builders are constructing high quality homes – perhaps exceeding Building Regulation requirements in some aspects – but may not have the appropriate measurements of quality to persuade customers of their benefits.

Star ratings and quality indicators

The Home Quality Mark comprises two elements, a five-star rating giving a clear overall picture of the home's quality, and a set of  indicators focussed on  specific aspects that are of particular interest to the key groups involved, such as home occupants, developers and planners.

The indicators for householders, for example, are householder costs, positive impacts on health and wellbeing, and environmental footprint. An example of the HQM 'scorecard' that a home will receive - showing the overall rating and the ratings for each of the three householder indicators can be seen here

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“Developers have told us that they often have difficulty convincing the public – who are increasingly sceptical of marketing information – of the accuracy of their claims of, for example, lower energy costs and better sound insulation. HQM assessments are carried out by completely independent assessors and based on the hard science derived from BRE’s decades of research experience in this area – plus the expertise of our partners. This provides the clear, authoritative and impartial measure of quality that people can readily understand and – above all – trust."


Gwyn Roberts, New Homes and Communities Manager, BRE Global

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What is measured?

Independent HQM assessors examine a range of issues that are divided into three sections:

  • Knowledge Sharing - the processes that enhance understanding and co-operation between the designer, constructor, client and householder. Read more
  • Our Surroundings - the ability of homes to work with current and future surroundings. Read more
  • My Home - the provision of living spaces that are comfortable, healthy, cost effective and have reduced environmental impacts.  Read more

These each allow for a degree of pre-approval to maximise the cost effectiveness of the assessment process whilst taking account of issues that are site specific in the final assessment of the development.

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Get involved in HQM's development

A wide range of experts and organisations have worked with us to develop the Home Quality Mark, and we are continuing to canvas the views of technical professionals (designers, developers, constructors, maintainers and consultants), marketing professionals, financial institutions, legal experts and other cross-cutting groups.

You can get involved now by contributing to the public and industry consultation for HQM - see here

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Market research

Independent research is at the heart of the Home Quality Mark. As part of HQM’s development, BRE has  conducted and commissioned a number of research projects into the issues that it should address. There have been widespread consultations with the housing industry, along with research into the views of a range of housing residents.

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