Home Quality Mark One – Helping Change the Culture in Home Building

Building more high-quality new homes that fit our current and future needs is a national priority. BRE has developed the Home Quality Mark (HQM) to provide developers with the tools and framework to differentiate, prove and communicate the benefits of their homes.

The Mark recognises good practice guidance, processes and standards that the industry has to offer, drawing them all together in a way that can be understood by people outside the construction industry.
Ultimately, building high quality new homes that are accepted by communities is the key to delivering the numbers of new homes that the Government has set out.
We are delighted to announce that the HQM ONE technical manuals for new homes are now available for England, Scotland and Wales.
HQM ONE builds on the beta version of the scheme, which we have operated since early 2016. We have received significant amounts of feedback in a variety of forms from many different people and organisations, all of which should feel proud to have had a hand in its evolution. We are very grateful.

What is new about HQM ONE?

Key areas of difference to the beta version of the scheme include; an amended scoring / star rating system, a strengthening of the scheme’s quality baseline (in terms of design and construction quality), introduction of updated science to keep it in line with other BREEAM schemes, updates in response to feedback from the beta scheme and adaptions to make the scheme usable for developments in Wales and Scotland.
HQM remains a flexible standard, suitable for all types of new homes including: private sale, all types of rental, low-rise, high-rise, urban, rural, traditional construction, modern methods / offsite, built by large or small developers and everything in between.