Working with us

A wide range of organisations are working with us to develop the new Home Quality Mark.

This includes a number of private housing developers, many of whom will be piloting the new standard on their developments in the coming months. A case study of the first of these projects can be seen here. We also have a range of social housing providers, mortgage and insurance companies and other organisations who are actively contributing. Click on the images below for a series of interviews and comments from the initial concept launch of HQM in March 2015.

If you are a developer, housing provider or other interested party and are interested in getting actively involved, please e-mail us at We would like to thank all the organisations that have contributed to the development of the Home Quality Mark so far.

What do others say?

From working with a wide range of experts and organisations BRE have developed the Home Quality Mark in a way that will take account of the needs of industry whilst keeping in mind the overall aim of helping the consumer. 

“Independent benchmarking of new homes is hugely important” Cala Homes Chief Executive Alan Brown

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