HQM supports the drive for quality in Britain's new homes


Developed by BRE, one of the world’s leading building science centres, and a range of industry partners, the Home Quality Mark (HQM) is the national quality mark for homes, giving consumers a better choice for a healthier, smarter and more sustainable new home.

HQM does this by providing impartial information on a new home’s quality. It will indicate to householders the overall expected running costs, health and wellbeing benefits, and the environmental footprint associated with living in the home. It will also highlight benefits such as access to local amenities and the quality of the local neighbourhood.

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Will more Built to Rent (BTR) lead to better homes?


Urban high-rise apartment block

For many, being able to live in a good location, have great amenity on your doorstep, be near likeminded people and then not have to worry about maintenance or have large unexpected bills is a real positive.  Elsewhere in the world, the private rented sector, driven by institutional investors is mature, but the UK (particularly urban areas) is catching up.   Home ownership will undoubtedly remain the right choice for many but it is good to have a diverse mix of housing.  And in many of our property hotspots where homes are in big demand, it provides a viable option to help solve the UK’s housing crisis.

Government is also trying to encourage build to rent from investors through the various changes in legislation, which, are drawn together in the housing white paper. According to Property week there are now 120,000 homes in development pipeline.  As more small scale buy-to-let landlords leave the market, institutional investment in the rental sector is of key importance.

But could this change in tenure not only create a new exiting way to live, but also create better, higher quality, more sustainable homes? 


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