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This page is dedicated to helping householders and consumers to learn more about HQM and what it can mean for them.

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An impartial rating that you can trust

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is an independently assessed standard for new homes, which uses a simple 5-star rating to provide information from impartial experts on a new home's design, construction quality and running costs.

As consumers we are accustomed to having wide ranging information available on products such phones, white goods, cars and insurance before we select and purchase them. But we often have far less information when it comes to choosing a new home to buy or rent – despite the much greater costs involved. The Home Quality Mark has been developed to meet this critical need for independent, reliable information.

HQM will enable householders to easily, but fully, investigate the quality of homes – establishing their likely running and maintenance costs, impacts on health and wellbeing, ability to cope with the demands of a changing climate and environmental impacts.

Star ratings and quality indicators

The Home Quality Mark comprises two elements, a five-star rating giving a clear overall picture of the home's quality, and a set of indicators focussed on specific aspects that are of particular interest to key groups involved, such as home occupants, developers and planners.

The indicators for those buying and renting new homes are householder costs, positive impacts on health and wellbeing, and environmental footprint.

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What is measured?

Independent HQM assessors examine a range of issues that are divided into three sections:

  • Knowledge Sharing - the processes that enhance understanding and co-operation between the designer, constructor, client and householder. Read more
  • Our Surroundings - the ability of homes to work with current and future surroundings. Read more
  • My Home - the provision of living spaces that are comfortable, healthy, cost effective and have reduced environmental impacts.  Read more
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E4 brick house

The first HQM assessed home

The innovative Wienerberger e4 brick house™, has been constructed at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford and was officially opened in June 2015 by former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott. It will be the first home to be assessed against the Home Quality Mark.

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