The rating

Independent, fully trained and licensed professionals assess and score wide ranging aspects of a new home to give an overall quality rating. This 5-star rating makes it easy to quickly compare different homes in terms of their overall performance.

To provide greater clarity on how the home performs, indicators based on the key interests of the major participants - such as home occupants, developers and planners - are also rated. Indicators from a householder perspective, for example, are householder costs, positive impact on health and wellbeing, and environmental footprint. An example of the HQM 'scorecard' that a home will receive - showing the overall rating and the ratings for each of the three householder indicators - can be seen here.   

Over time, further indicators will be developed from different perspectives, including those of developers, financial institutions, landlords and local authorities, and we encourage industry partners to become involved in their development.

What is measured?

The wide range of issues that are measured are divided into three sections:

  • Knowledge Sharing - the processes that enhance understanding and co-operation between the designer, constructor, client and householder.
  • Our Surroundings - the ability of homes to work with current and future surroundings.
  • My Home - the provision of living spaces that are comfortable, healthy, cost effective and have reduced environmental impacts. 

These each allow for a degree of pre-approval to maximise the cost effectiveness of the assessment process whilst taking account of issues that are site specific in the final assessment of the development. This will encourage good design but reduce repetition of data collection and entry.

The following provide a detailed outline of each of the three sections. We are inviting views on the scope of the issues and the means of evaluating them, through our ongoing engagement with industry and other interested parties.

Knowledge Sharing


Good knowledge and understanding is only effective when it is able to influence the decisions and behaviour of those who occupy and manage the home.

This section rewards good processes and solutions which reduce the gap between the designer, constructor, client and householder. This ensures that the so-called performance gap is minimised and the home is truly capable of “doing what it says on the tin”.

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Our Surroundings

example left

Unlike anything else we buy or rent, our homes are not moveable. They are intrinsically related to, and influenced by, their surroundings.

This section rewards homes built to work with their surroundings, and with what these may become through changes in population and climate, to maximise benefits and minimise impacts now and into the future.

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My Home


Better designed and better built homes can last many generations.

This section rewards homes that are built to ensure they provide spaces that are healthy to live in but also don't cost the earth.

"My Home" sets specific performance outcomes for your home whilst allowing a degree of flexibility in the means of determining this. Wherever possible commonly used assessment methodologies will be used based on simple calculations to avoid additional costs. These will include the use of an extended Building Regulations calculation, Passivhaus certification and more detailed dynamic performance modelling as appropriate to calculate a number of performance characteristics relating to energy, comfort and overheating.

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